The lake is coming up fast! One to 2 feet a day!! Striper fishing has been excellent, we are catching 50 to 100+ stripers a day. Paul has a sweet honey hole and it is still going strong. The size ranges from 1 pound to 5 pounds. They are healthy and fight really hard, bending you pole in half, even the little ones. We are using anchovies, also doing a lot of chumming. The water is coming up so fast that the spawning largemouth and small mouth are down deep. When the water stops coming up we will be able to catch them on rocky points and in the backs of coves in shallower water. I think that now they have not figured out where the shoreline is because it changes everyday. I am guessing the water inflow will slow way down by the end of June and first week in July. Once the eggs hatch the fry will have a place to hide in the bushes to avoid being eaten by all the bigger fish. They will get bigger and we will possibly have some boils happening in August and September. We will just have to wait and see. Good luck fishing and tight lines. Call us for a great fishing trip. 928-660-1020 Mike.